The vision

Building a little piece of paradise

This page is about the journey of turning a standard place into my personal paradise; step by step. The former farm house ground was neglected for a while. The back area was used for ponies and is now an unused field. While the direct back yard was mainly used to host one big aviary, the front garden was made from gravel. Step by step, these areas will be turned into nature, again. Want to join the journey?

Project Kitchen Garden

The area next to the house is turned into a kitchen garden. This is the smallest and therefore fastest project.

Tag: Project Kitchen Garden

Project Cottage Garden

The back yard is turned into a cottage garden mainly holding bird and insect friendly plants. The center will be a pergola sitting area.

Tag: Project Cottage Garden

Project Forest Garden

The longest project is turning the former field into a forest garden. The concept of permaculture is used for planning and implementation.

Tag: Project Forest Garden

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Folder for plant tags

🇬🇧 Even though I have made myself a planting plan, and even though I can roughly remember over time which plant has which needs, it is not always easy to keep track. For one thing, there is a wide range… Continue reading Folder for plant tags

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