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Self made tool “Sauzahn”

🇬🇧 In Germany there is a garden tool called "Sauzahn" (= sow tooth, but there is no really good translation for it). The Sauzahn is a tool for working the soil. A single long crescent-shaped tine is mounted on a handle, with a small plough-sharp leaf at the tip. The Sauzahn is used to loosen… Continue reading Self made tool “Sauzahn”

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DIY pressing boards

🇬🇧 When sowing plants, an even surface of the soil in the sowing boxes is of great advantage. The seed can be spread much more evenly. For this reason I use the following procedure for sowing:First, the seed box is completely filled with substrate. Seeds need a fine-crumbly surface. Therefore, I often sieve the last… Continue reading DIY pressing boards