Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Permaculture – Mother Nature shows how to do it

🇬🇧 Thanks to a firmly established low pressure area, the first warm days did not arrive until the end of May. This triggers the feeling in me that nature is a bit behind compared to the last few years. Looking at photos from last year at this time, the garden hasn't really been much further… Continue reading Permaculture – Mother Nature shows how to do it


Moestuin Maatjes (Kitchen Garden Buddies)

🇬🇧 Personally, I'm not always a fan of the promotions of a large, Dutch supermarket. Often they produce a huge amount of plastic waste. Every now and then, however, there are really great promotions, like the Moestuin Maatjes (Kitchen Garden Buddies) promotion that is currently running. In this promotion there are 15 different, small sowing… Continue reading Moestuin Maatjes (Kitchen Garden Buddies)

Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Some words on Raspberries

🇬🇧 In fact, the whole kitchen garden got its start with three raspberry plants that I received as a gift when I moved in. I planted them in fall of 2019 and just let them grow during 2020. Since the plants have developed well, they "now" needed a little more attention. Raspberries are originally forest… Continue reading Some words on Raspberries


Preparing the raspberries for the cold

🇬🇧 Raspberries are generally flat-rooted and are very sensitive to drought and waterlogging. This also makes them sensitive to severe frost. Therefore, I always kept the soil around the raspberries covered with mulch. I used leaves from the previous fall and later straw for this purpose. Before the announced frost period with temperatures below -15… Continue reading Preparing the raspberries for the cold


Book reviews I

🇬🇧 Three books that I liked very much have accompanied me through the first year of gardening. Since I brought these books from my home country, they are in German. Sorry. Nevertheless, I would like to give these three books some attention here. Marie-Luise Kreuter "Der Biogarten: Das Original", 432 pages, BLV publishing."The Organic Garden:… Continue reading Book reviews I