Preparing the raspberries for the cold

🇬🇧 Raspberries are generally flat-rooted and are very sensitive to drought and waterlogging. This also makes them sensitive to severe frost. Therefore, I always kept the soil around the raspberries covered with mulch. I used leaves from the previous fall and later straw for this purpose. Before the announced frost period with temperatures below -15… Continue reading Preparing the raspberries for the cold

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Folder for plant tags

🇬🇧 Even though I have made myself a planting plan, and even though I can roughly remember over time which plant has which needs, it is not always easy to keep track. For one thing, there is a wide range of varieties, which makes it hard to keep all the planted varieties in mind. On… Continue reading Folder for plant tags


Book reviews I

🇬🇧 Three books that I liked very much have accompanied me through the first year of gardening. Since I brought these books from my home country, they are in German. Sorry. Nevertheless, I would like to give these three books some attention here. Marie-Luise Kreuter "Der Biogarten: Das Original", 432 pages, BLV publishing."The Organic Garden:… Continue reading Book reviews I

Project "Cottage Garden", Project "Forest Garden", Project "Kitchen Garden"

How it began – from the kitchen garden to permaculture planning (P1 to P3)

🇬🇧 With the house came a lot of land that had been a bit neglected and needed urgent attention. Since I was not able to work on everything at once, I decided for the time being, also not to plan everything at once, but to settle first and proceed piece by piece. Directly next to… Continue reading How it began – from the kitchen garden to permaculture planning (P1 to P3)