Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Some words on Raspberries

🇬🇧 In fact, the whole kitchen garden got its start with three raspberry plants that I received as a gift when I moved in. I planted them in fall of 2019 and just let them grow during 2020. Since the plants have developed well, they "now" needed a little more attention. Raspberries are originally forest… Continue reading Some words on Raspberries

Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

2021 Kitchen garden planning: Mixed crops

🇬🇧 As I am learning about permaculture, it is dawning on me that there is a whole philosophy behind the word, and not just design suggestions for how to lay out your garden. Behind the term are ethical principles for daily actions as well as various concepts for respectful use of resources. Planning how to… Continue reading 2021 Kitchen garden planning: Mixed crops

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How it began – from the kitchen garden to permaculture planning (P1 to P3)

🇬🇧 With the house came a lot of land that had been a bit neglected and needed urgent attention. Since I was not able to work on everything at once, I decided for the time being, also not to plan everything at once, but to settle first and proceed piece by piece. Directly next to… Continue reading How it began – from the kitchen garden to permaculture planning (P1 to P3)

Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Time to slow down!

🇬🇧 St. Martin's Day has passed; Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands. Everything is harvested, the borders are prepared with compost, green manure, or contain some late spinach. The table and chairs are brought inside. The center of the garden is now decorated with a light-string Christmas tree. It's time to slow down. Winter can come.… Continue reading Time to slow down!

Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Erntedankfest / Harvest festival / Thanksgiving

🇬🇧 "Even in pre-Christian times, sacrificial and harvest festivals were celebrated in the various religions and cultures. People were aware that a good harvest was not in their hands alone and accordingly honored nature" (Source, German). I can agree with this statement especially this year with all my heart. I am grateful for everything that… Continue reading Erntedankfest / Harvest festival / Thanksgiving