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Rhubarb Trifle

🇬🇧 A trifle is a sweet dish from England. It usually consists of several layers of custard, fruit or jam, sponge cake and whipped cream. The sponge cake is often soaked in alcohol. Recently I was on a trip and brought rhubarb as a guest gift. This was then directly used for a compote and… Continue reading Rhubarb Trifle

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Rhubarb compote

🇬🇧 The rhubarb that was freshly planted this spring grows so well that I actually could or rather had to harvest some, as the biggest stems were broken after a thunderstorm. When I look around the supermarket, my garden seems to be worth its weight in gold. Rhubarb is incredibly expensive. You pay 4,50 EUR… Continue reading Rhubarb compote