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Herby preparation for winter

🇬🇧 The plants in the greenhouse are long withered and the fruits are already harvested. It was time to remove the plants. The space can be used more wisely before the first frost can cause damage to the plants in the garden, which I would like to bring over the winter. Herbs can be used… Continue reading Herby preparation for winter

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Last preparations during the “Eisheilige”

🇬🇧 Corresponding to the beginning of the ice saints there was a temperature drop yesterday. The ice saints are well known in Germany and the Netherlands as the days where the weather is likely to change and get cold once more: 11 May Mamertus, 12 May Pankratius, 13 May Servatius, 14 May Bonifatius, 15. May… Continue reading Last preparations during the “Eisheilige”