Festive lamb’s lettuce with oranges and nuts

🇬🇧 … or also: What do I do with the oranges whose peel I have grated for Christmas baking? I recently baked an English Christmas cake that also contains orange peel. Yes, the cake is already baked now, as it is allowed to "ripen" for four weeks and is sprinkled weekly with cognac. But that… Continue reading Festive lamb’s lettuce with oranges and nuts

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Advent decoration 🎄

🇬🇧 Every year, I decorate the house for the first Advent Sunday. It is important to me that there is an Advent arrangement with some candles, that I can light during December - one more candle every Sunday. This Advent tradition is not common in the Netherlands, so it was all the more important to… Continue reading Advent decoration 🎄