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No pears for me this year.

🇬🇧 That's too bad! I had put so much hope in the pear tree. It was overflowing with small pears, but the late frost in spring made almost all of the small fruits fall off. Three pears have remained and have made themselves really splendid over the summer. One pear had suddenly disappeared, the second… Continue reading No pears for me this year.

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Molten plastic pots

🇬🇧 When I recently was tidying up a bit in the greenhouse, I came across some pot pallets that didn't look so good anymore. It took me a moment to understand what was going on there. The poor things must have melted in summer. I once went through my photos and found a picture where… Continue reading Molten plastic pots

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Erntedankfest / Harvest festival / Thanksgiving

🇬🇧 "Even in pre-Christian times, sacrificial and harvest festivals were celebrated in the various religions and cultures. People were aware that a good harvest was not in their hands alone and accordingly honored nature" (Source, German). I can agree with this statement especially this year with all my heart. I am grateful for everything that… Continue reading Erntedankfest / Harvest festival / Thanksgiving