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Strawberry Madness!

🇬🇧 Against the general advice on strawberries that they do not like to overwinter outside, I did not take the strawberries out last year and put them in the greenhouse for the winter. I also didn't take cuttings and hibernate them. No, I just left the strawberries as they were. When it was minus 18… Continue reading Strawberry Madness!

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Additional Vegetable Garden

🇬🇧 As I told earlier in spring, our supermarket had a "Moestuin Maatjes" action. Here, you can read the whole story. Most of the seeds have germinated and developed in the greenhouse into beautiful plants that needed a place outdoors. Only, the kitchen garden near the house was already fully planned. Since I was anyway… Continue reading Additional Vegetable Garden

Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Permaculture – Mother Nature shows how to do it

🇬🇧 Thanks to a firmly established low pressure area, the first warm days did not arrive until the end of May. This triggers the feeling in me that nature is a bit behind compared to the last few years. Looking at photos from last year at this time, the garden hasn't really been much further… Continue reading Permaculture – Mother Nature shows how to do it

Project "Kitchen Garden", Report

Some words on Raspberries

🇬🇧 In fact, the whole kitchen garden got its start with three raspberry plants that I received as a gift when I moved in. I planted them in fall of 2019 and just let them grow during 2020. Since the plants have developed well, they "now" needed a little more attention. Raspberries are originally forest… Continue reading Some words on Raspberries


Preparing the raspberries for the cold

🇬🇧 Raspberries are generally flat-rooted and are very sensitive to drought and waterlogging. This also makes them sensitive to severe frost. Therefore, I always kept the soil around the raspberries covered with mulch. I used leaves from the previous fall and later straw for this purpose. Before the announced frost period with temperatures below -15… Continue reading Preparing the raspberries for the cold